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Stimela Brewing Co crafts unique premium beers for people with a thirst for greatness.

Our motto is: Passion, Legacy, Excellence. Our brewery was birthed out of a passion not only to reinvent simple and full flavoured beer, but to create a sense of community around the craft. We believe in living your legend and leaving a good legacy. We only use the finest ingredients to give you an excellent product.

A Taste for Greatness

Our Beers

Straight Arrow

(Amber Ale)

The Straight Arrow is brewed for the bold, frank, square shooter, salt of the earth type of person. In honor of the authentic men and women who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. A dry hopped Amber Ale with a great balance between the malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness.

Pair with Pap and Wors, Mogodu, Potjiekos, Morogo or Biltong.

Round Trip


A well rounded beer for the adventurous type. This beer will take you through a trip of spice, fruit and malt, ending up in a dry finish with subtle notes of honey. A refreshing beer that is easy drinking, ideal on a hot day.

Pair with Briyani, Curry, Bunny Chow, Seafood or Poultry.

Black Diamond

(Chocolate Stout)

A rich, smooth beer with deep full flavours of chocolate and hints of vanilla. Brewed with loads of chocolate malt, cocoa beans and vanilla pods, this beer was made to be enjoyed slowly, with its warming smooth quality. It’s a drink-and-think kind of beer. Ideal for the evenings and cooler weathers.

Pair with Hearty Beef, Pork, Malva Pudding, Koeksisters or any dessert.

Platform Edge


A big beer that’s not for the faint hearted. Its bold hop presence supported by the malt backbone, gives it that edge that hop heads would love.

Pair with Chisa Nyama, Vetkoek, Wors, Biltong or Bunny Chow.

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